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We make film packaging of: LDPE, OPP, HDPE, PP Cast, PVC,
heat-shrinkable films and regranulate (recyclable materials)


Welcome to the website of AGO Andrzej Jakuszczonek, Kamil Jakuszczonek s.c. and we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

We are a manufacturer of film packaging with many years of experience and we consciously place great emphasis on the quality of our products.

The recipients of our products are clients in Poland and abroad.

We offer a wide range of bags, sacks and film and plastic packaging with imprints made, among others, of LDPE, HDPE, OPP, PP Cast (CPP) films, also made of technical, heat-shrinkable and regranulate films.

Our production includes both smaller orders and mass quantities adapted to the production plans of the companies we work with.

What distinguishes us is many years of experience, modern equipment, innovative approach to production and care for each client.

We ensure satisfaction with cooperation with us, individual approach to the orders and attractive terms of cooperation.

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“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.”


Many years of experience, the highest quality of our products and a well-established position on the market of film packaging producers - these are our advantages


We are constantly improving production and through careful selection of the materials used we care for the high quality of our products.


We work only on innovative and modern machines and devices that present great opportunities.


Industry skills and knowledge are of great importance to us. Employed workers are professional management and machine operators with many years of experience.


Our offer includes a growing range of high-quality packaging.


For over twenty years we have been providing services in the field of film packaging production. We make packaging from many materials, incl. LDPE, HDPE, CPP (cast) films, polyester and heat-shrink film. We offer confectionery film bags, packaging and film bags with imprint, caps for pallets, bags for shirts, bags with perforation, bulk bags and many, many more.

Client satisfaction is the most important for us, which is why we always adapt our products to their individual requirements. We are also familiar with the implementation of non-standard and complex orders. We are constantly expanding our industry knowledge and developing the machinery park. This allows us to constantly increase the production capacity and gives our clients a guarantee of the highest quality of our products. This strategy allowed us to gain the recognition and trust of our clients both at home and abroad.


Due to the volume of orders, technologies and standards we apply, all products must be manufactured by specialists. They have appropriate qualifications, thanks to which orders are carried out reliably and on time. The film bags - with or without imprint - of various sizes and weights, are professionally and carefully made and packaged, and fully meet the expectations of clients. Our team is prepared to implement projects related to large expenditures. In addition, in order to meet the expectations of clients, our specialists will also be able to propose a number of non-standard solutions.


As a reputable manufacturer of film bags from Łódź, we have expanded the scope of our services throughout the entire period of our activity. It went hand in hand with the constantly improved and developed machinery park. Currently, it houses the most modern machines and devices in the industry. Thanks to this, we are able to meet international production standards, which is why our products also reach clients abroad. What is more, we use only proven and good-quality raw materials and plastics for production, so that we finally obtain a product that will achieve high quality and strength parameters.


Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail. We are at your full disposal from Monday to Friday.